Looking for a fresh start?

Each day, the Entrepreneurship and Workforce Center (EWC) serves individuals who are looking for a fresh start in a new industry or for additional credentials in order to grow in their current industry.

No matter where you are on your career path, we can offer you access to low-cost and free resources, including free online-skills trainings for workers returning to the workforce.

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Interested in what we can do for you? Consider the possibilities:

  • Are you curious about what careers fit your personality and your goals?
  • How can you know which career is best for you?

  • Have you looked for a more highly skilled job but aren’t sure of which one might be right for you or how long it will take to be job-ready?

  • Have you considered returning to the workforce but think you’ll need additional skills before you can be competitive?

  • Are you worried that you can’t compete with younger workers unless you can get practical experience with newer technologies?

  • Are you interested in combining training and education with hands-on experience in the workplace?

  • Do you need a close and comfortable location for your industry certification exams?

  • Which certifications and licenses do people in your field and with your goals need to have?

  • Do you need convenient access to Pearson or Prometric testing services?

Finding out more about yourself and your career path to help you reach your goals takes just a few moments. Begin making your fresh start today.

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