Collaborative opportunities for students to partner with companies in the manufacturing industry using student teams and subject matter experts to spark growth and innovation

Manufacturing companies of all sizes—especially large manufacturing companies—occasionally face obstacles to growth. Many simply continue using the same operations for years without reporting significant growth. The EWC’s Co-Op Program pairs companies with the resources and expertise that can help them overcome obstacles to growth. Through our Co-Op Program, your company can partner with the Entrepreneurship and Workforce Center (EWC) to access the services, tools, and equipment you need to achieve your next goals.

What makes our Co-Op Program effective? Our partnerships are uniquely tailored to each company’s needs. We connect manufacturers with entire classrooms and subject-matter experts (SMEs) who can identify and implement solutions such as logistics planning, hybrid human-resource solutions, and specific designs related to equipment, innovations, and machinery. The Co-Op Program also gives students hands-on, practical experience with using entrepreneurial methods and collaborative problem-solving. Your company benefits from fresh solutions and new opportunities, and our students receive the professional experience they need to be competitive on the job market.

Co-op program

Our Co-Op Program might be right for you if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:

  • Are your relationships with your clients and vendors stifled—and your revenue, too—because you need help with operations?
  • Have troubles with machinery or systems operations threatened the short- or long-term health of your company?

  • Are you in need of improved product-flow pathways or systems, but aren’t able to hire high-priced consultants to help implement a change?

  • Do you have equipment that could benefit from innovative upgrades rather than expensive replacements?

  • Do you have an idea for a prototype that could improve production but don’t have a way to design and create it?

  • Could your staff reach important milestones sooner if important trainings and professional development sessions weren’t so inconvenient or costly?

  • Is your company caught in the cycle of not having enough revenue to invest in HR services on one hand and dealing with employee retention problems and high turnover on the other?

  • Has a lack of creative solutions for production problems kept your productivity down?

Ready to spark growth at lower costs so you can continue to innovate? Speak with an EWC specialist today about the affordable services we can offer your company.