The Entrepreneurship and Workforce Center makes lives better by providing services that enhance, support, and produce success within you, the community and beyond!

Preparing workers who can meet employers’ needs requires more than just holding certification workshops and graduation ceremonies. It requires a holistic approach to providing learners of all ages with opportunities to gain skills and experience, to connect with employers, and to find their niches in the ever-changing workforce.

The EWC helps match employers with new, experienced, and future members of the workforce. No matter where you are on your career journey or what your human-resources needs are, the EWC does more than simply put the tools for matching the right employee with the right job in your hands—we also help you learn how to use those tools.

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Common Workforce Myths

  • True or False?

    You can only begin training for a chosen profession after you’ve graduated from high school or received your GED.

  • True or False?

    On-the-job training is too inconvenient or costly, so you should only hire employees who already have certain credentials or experience.

  • True or False?

    Once you’ve chosen a field, it’s too difficult to learn the skills necessary to advance to a new career.

  • True or False?

    Employers are not interested in hiring workers who need additional training to learn how to use newer technologies.

  • True or False?

    Current employees who take additional skills trainings must always travel to wherever the classes are being offered.

  • True or False?

    Trainings will take more time than you can afford to lose.

  • True or False?

    It would be too expensive to find customizable trainings for your employees.

Each of these statements is FALSE, despite what many workers and employers may believe.

The EWC offers programs that are as diverse as today’s workforce. If you are 55 years of age or older and reentering the workforce, you can participate in specialized trainings that prepare you for the modern workplace. For the youngest members of our community—beginning at the fourth-grade level—we offer fun workforce training for STEM fields.

We also offer a variety of trainings that can raise the bar for your employees and give your company an edge over the competition for a fraction of the price of most consultants’ fees:

  • Onsite training and development opportunities for employers—including diversity, managerial coaching strategies for employees, OSHA training, blueprint reading, sales and negotiation, and more
  • Short-term training for individuals—such as online-skills courses for workers returning to the workforce, survey courses, and workplace professional certifications, including certifications in sales and leadership.

Tell us about your needs and find out more about our approach to preparing tomorrow’s workers today.